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nvestors ▓and encourage cross-border investments amongst RCEP members, he added.It will have a positive role in boosting economic development of all participating countries, and▓ will help them integrate further with the global e▓conomy, said Yu Miaojie, vice president of National School of Development at Peking University."The three major areas of

goods trade, services trade ▓and investment will be greatly enhanced among the participating countries, thus also strongly boos▓ting the cultural and people-to-people exchange▓s among the countries," Yu told Xinhua.The RCEP wil▓l also promote trade liberalization in the region, furthe▓r entrenching the region's importance to economic growth and global t

rade. "All sides will benefit from this pact when it becomes a reality," Cambodian Ministry of Commerce Undersecretary of State and Spokesman Seang Thay said.According to Joseph Matthew▓s, a senior professor at the BELTEI International University in Phnom Penh, the RCEP will▓ open a new door of opportunity for the least developed countries such as Ca

mbodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar in the bloc.The end result ▓of the RCEP will be the largest "win-win agreement and part▓nership of its own kind that has never been reached in the world," he said.COUNTER PROTECTIONISMChheang V▓annarith, president of the Phnom Penh-based Asian Vision Institute, said the RCEP embeds bot▓h economic and strategic principl

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system."It wil▓l be a big push to counter protectionism and unilateralism," he told Xinhua.Mey Kalyan, a senior advisor to Cambodia's Supreme National Economic Council, said the conclusion of the RCEP will definitely have▓ great importance at a time when the world economy is lo▓sing its balance due to uncertainty, protectionism and▓ unilateralism."The RCEP is expected to bring a sense of cer▓tainty and normalcy, although it will still have only▓ a small impact at its early stage," he said.Aaron Jed Rabena, a research fellow at the Manila-based think t

ank Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress Foundation, told X

inhua that the conclusion of negotiations and the implementation of the RCEP will open up new alternative markets for the participating▓ countries and help them wa

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tectionist measures."It (RCEP) is not just a testament to liberaliz▓ed trade among ASEAN members and par▓tners. It is also a proof that many countries ▓are in supp


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ts structu re is tru▓ly meant to ben efit all participating countri es because all wil l be governed under the same trade rules," Neak Chan▓da rith, director of th e Cambodia 21st Centur y Maritime Silk Road Research Ce nter (CMSRRC) of t he Ro▓yal University of P hnom Penh, tol d Xinhua.The RCE P will reduce trad e barriers coupled with enhanc▓ed marke 绍兴县wap 博爱县wap 灌云县5G 兴业县5G 六安市wap 朝阳市5G 沂源县wap 温州市wap 芦溪县wap 万载县5G 滕州市wap 桦甸市5G 濮阳市wap 嵩县wap 黑山县wap 无锡市wap 新安县wap 安图县wap 石景山区5G 太和县5G 传奇私服180战神版本 传奇私服单职业手游 传奇私服版本库 最火的传奇私服手游 无赦单职业传奇私服发布网 热血传奇私服网站大全 新开超变传奇私服网站大全 传奇私服合击版发布网 传奇私服新开服网 传奇私服发布网